• Ticket for SHINE 2012 Stars Concert easy discount malaysia
  • Ticket for SHINE 2012 Stars Concert easy discount malaysia
  • Ticket for SHINE 2012 Stars Concert easy discount malaysia

Ticket for SHINE 2012 Stars Concert

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Ticket for SHINE 2012 Stars Concert

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Proudly presented by four talented singers, Phil Chang, Chyi Yu, Shin and A-Lin visit Malaysia this July 28th to enchant fans with heart-moving live performance 《Shine 2012 Stars Concert》at PISA Indoor Stadium at 8pm. Organized by Addonlife, Mocarre, Muse, Zeus Boutique, GS Music Entertainment and Myfm as official media, this concert will bring you loads of surprise throughout the night with sparks with their amazing vocal and strong music passion. The night would definitely be a brand new and unforgettable musical sensation for all music fans.

Phil Chang is a Taiwanese singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who achieved acclaim with his hit album 《用心良苦》 and also its title track. He has also been a judge on the Taiwanese singing competition show 《超級星光大道》since 2007. His joint concert with陳昇and黃品源 in 2009 was well received and was a commercial success. 

Chyi Yu is a veteran Taiwanese singer that is often praised for her captivating voice since her debut in 1978. She is also the sister of齐秦. Throughout her long and successful career, she has been awarded many awards and nominated for even more. 

Shin was the leader singer from the popular Taiwanese band信乐团. The band’s huge commercial success was often accredited to Shin outstanding vocal abilities and stage presence.  He began his solo career in 2007 and has achieved significant success as a solo artist. His impressive range and dynamic performances has secured him a loyal fan-base in the Chinese music industry. 

A-Lin. She was named a “natural songstress” by the media when she released her debut album in 2006, a true testament to her vocal abilities. Despite being well received, it was not until the release of her second album that she achieved renown. Since then, she has maintained a successful career, with several award nominated releases. 

This concert is also contributing to charity body—EMAS Penang. All ticket proceeds of charity seats will be channeled directly to EMAS Penang.  EMAS Penang is an emergency ambulance service provided by the St John Ambulance of Malaysia, Penang for the people and community of Bayan Baru and its surrounding areas. It operates as a completely integrated part of the999 emergency response mechanism and is offered without charge to all emergency patients transferred to the Penang General Hospital. EMAS Penang is unique in that it is fully funded by community and personal donations.

Concert tickets are selling at RM88(Free Seating), RM258, RM188, RM158, RM108(Numbered Seats), and RM1000, RM558, RM358(Charity Seats). 


Addonlife 将联合Mocarre、Muse、Zeus Boutique, GS Music Entertainment 和MyFM 于2012年7月28日带来《炫动全城2012》巨星演唱会。张宇、齐豫、阿信和A-Lin,这四位实力歌手将于当天演唱最給力的經典金曲並展現最动感的舞台魅力。屆時眾多膾炙人口的搖滾情歌,首首經典歌曲勢必讓粉絲們狂歡及搖擺,旋动全城! 


齐豫, 台湾著名女歌手,被誉为“天籁之音”。以一曲《DIAMONDS & RUST》荣获第二届金韵奖冠军、第一届民谣风冠军。1979年第一张个人专辑《橄榄树》发行, 并于1998年 荣获第九届金曲奖“最佳国语女演唱人”大奖。2002年9月20、21日,齐豫在香港红墈体育馆举办出道23年来首次个人演唱会“音乐难得有奇遇”,特别来有宾李宗盛、周华健。


A-Lin, 于2006出道後被媒體封為「天生歌姬」。2006年中,優異的歌唱實力受到阿妹的賞識,參與其製作的「愛上卡門」音樂劇。2011年5月,A-Lin第二度入圍金曲獎最佳國語女歌手獎,並受邀於典禮上演出「最佳男歌手入圍者組曲」,改編演唱包含周杰倫、林俊傑、齊秦等五位歌手的歌曲。2006年2月10日發行了首張專輯《失戀無罪》,憑藉著深具質感的嗓音,加上抒情類型的主打,大受歌唱選秀節目參賽者及一般觀眾的喜愛,更受到金曲獎肯定,入圍「最佳新人獎」。兩年半之後的2008年8月14日發行《天生歌姬》,第二張國語大碟,並入圍「金曲獎最佳女歌手獎」。

《旋动全城2012举行演唱会》门票分为RM1000, RM558, RM358(慈善座位)、RM258,RM188,RM158,RM108 (对号入座)、RM88(自由入座)。欲知更多有关详情或疑问,可立即拨打TicketCharge 03-92228811

How It Works:
1. Buy Ezivoucher.
2. To choose and confirm all respective seat numbers at No.16, 1st floor, Kek Chuan Road, 10400 Penang, Malaysia. 
3. Present the Reference Number when collecting the ticket.
Alternatively, customers may also redeem their ticket at PISA ticketing counter on the concert day.


Terms & Conditions 

  • Customers who purchased the concert ticket voucher must proceed to the Promoter’s office located at No.16, 1st floor, Kek Chuan Road, 10400 Penang, Malaysia, to choose and confirm all respective seat numbers.
  • Customers must present the Reference Number when collecting the ticket.
  • Alternatively, customers may also redeem their ticket at PISA ticketing counter on the concert day.
  • I/C may be ask for ticket redemption.
  • Redemption Period: 17th July 2012 to 28th July 2012
  • Reservation phone number will be available once the deal is closed along side with your voucher code in 'View Your Account' 
  • Save your Reference Number in your mobile phone for paperless redemption
  • Picture are for illustration purposes only 
    *  Other conditions apply/Universal Terms



Addonlife Sdn. Bhd. 
16, 1st floor, kek chuan rd, 10400 Penang
Business Hour: 9.00am - 5.00pm (Monday to Friday)


Jalan Tun Dr Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Business Hour: 8.00pm (28th July 2012)


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